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Recognized as a Transformational Leader for 2022 by Exeleon Magazine, One Of The Top 10 Most Promising Female CEO's By CIO Magazine for 2022, and a 2017 Small Business Administration Award Winner, Nic Hyl is an award-winning businesswoman and brand owner. With a background in corporate fashion, her skills expand across various industries including fashion, business, art, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship.


Nic was building her fashion brand, fashion program, and a speaking biz when the rug got snatched from under her feet in the blink of an eye. Her husband lost his job, her mom died and she was diagnosed with breast cancer-in that order, all within 6 months of each other. 


Life was excruciating to say the least. Yet she still had to wake up and push on. Even though some days the idea of getting out of bed was unfathomable. 

Nic learned that through the pain, hurt and mental anguish it's possible to find beauty and peace. It's possible to not only persevere but even grow and find grace, all without sacrificing your grief, experience or mental health. 


She can show your organization how to do the same and persevere through the adversity and become the best version of yourself on the other side. 

To have Nic speak at your next event, contact her now. 

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Expressing The Boldness of Beauty Through Fashion w_ My Naked Mindset Podcast.jpeg

Expressing The Boldness of Beauty Through Fashion w/ My Naked Mindset Podcast

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