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When I first started my fashion business I...

was fortunate enough to have an understanding of the business of fashion because I worked in the industry and learned from some pretty amazing people. But not everyone has that opportunity, but they may still have the desire to build a brand. 

Being able to share knowledge that has helped me, is a great chance to be able to help in a way that I never previously considered. 

These downloads and documents are just the things to help you organize your business and fashion-based business. 

These downloads are included with the program, but offered individually or as a bundle for anyone who needs them.

Clothes Hanging
Fashion Designer Studio
Production Team Meeting

Line Sheet Template


Cost Sheet Template


Photoshoot to-do checklist


Fabric in Rolls
Fashion Spreads
Tailor's Tools

Purchase Order Template


Lookbook Template


Cut Ticket



Fabric in Rolls

bundle package

of all Templates


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