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I Help Individuals & Organizations Persevere Through Adversity. 



Nic Hyl founded and built her own fashion brand, Nic Hyl Clothing, after a successful career in fashion. 

Nic uses the knowledge she has acquired from her 10 years in the fashion industry, her 6 years as an entrepreneur, plus her lifelong journey as a business woman  while battling breast cancer, to impart her experience on how to navigate your entrepreneurial and professional journey, while facing adversity. 


She's the ideal candidate to speak to your group, staff, or organization about goal setting, motivation, perseverance and overcoming hardships & adversities. She's also available for pre-booked, limited one on one mentoring sessions,  to help you figure out a course of action on how to manage the difficulties of life while juggling your corporate life and/or entrepreneurial life. 

Motivational Speaker

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Nic is a great person to share her story, wins and losses to apply to any individual, entrepreneur or company. Whether you're an established business or just starting out, she has something you can learn from. She has a fresh and modern outlook rooted in established and sound business practices as well as possessing a unique outside-of-the-box resourcefulness to help anyone persevere through their hardships while managing their professional life.



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